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The dipole antenna is a half-wavelength structure made of wire, tubing, printed-circuit boardVirtually all other antennas in common usage are variations of the dipole or ground plane antennas.Patch (microstrip) and slot antennas used at microwave frequencies are also dipole derivatives. Dual polarization and Dual band Slotted Waveguide … Concept of a novel dual-polarization and dual-band slotted waveguide antenna array (SWAA) developed by WOCA INATEL using ANSYS HFSS and SAVANT. Easy-to-Deploy LC-Loaded Dipole and Monopole Antennas for… Multiband Slot-Loaded Dipole Antenna for WLAN and LTE-A Applications.This paper proposes a new approach to reduce weight and complexity of VHF/UHF cubesat antennas by utilizing a dual band antenna, rather than standard two-antenna system routinely implemented in cubesats.

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A wideband dual-mode complementary dipole antenna is proposed. The antenna is composed of a wideband slotline radiator and an electric dipole. It is excited ... CPW-Fed Stub-Loaded Slot Dipole Antenna Design for Dual-Band ... May 11, 2016 ... Abstract—A novel uniplanar slot dipole antenna fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) is proposed for dual-band operation. The frequency ratio ... Slot antennas - Katedra elektromagnetického pole

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Although the antenna is physically and electrically one structure, its operation can be explained by considering it as two independent antennas. US3633207A - Modulated impedance feeding system for log A modulated impedance feeding system for log-periodic antennas including loading elements, a transmission line to couple energy to or from the elements, and impedance-modulating means for matching the image impedances of the transmission … US5039994A - Dipole arrays - Google Patents As shown in FIG. 2, in the disclosed embodiment, the posts 17 have a lesser extent in this longitudinal direction than the respective dipoles adjacent thereto and also have a lesser extent in this longitudinal direction than the space … US4700196A - Highly decoupled cosited antennas - Google Patents

Referring to FIGS. 1A and 1B, the dual polarized slot-dipole radiating element is illustrated generally at 10. The radiating element is formed in conjunction with two contiguous waveguides 12 and 14 which share a common broad wall 16.

3-17 Basic Slot Antenna and Its Complementary Dipole The slot antenna ... is frequently compared to a conventional half- wave dipole consisting of two flat ... A Wide-Band Slot Antenna Design Employing A ... - EECS @ Michigan centered, microstrip-fed, moderately wide slot antenna shows dual resonant behavior ... dipole, and at its first resonant frequency it has an equivalent length of. Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna with Dual Polarization and High ... Feb 28, 2018 ... Magnetoelectric Dipole Antenna with Dual Polarization and High Isolation ... The ME dipole is aperture-coupled fed by a crossed slot. Investigation of Multi Slot Stacked on Dipole Antenna: Ingenta Connect

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Weekend Antennas No. 3 A Magnetic Slot for 40 Metres Weekend Antennas No. 3 A Magnetic Slot for 40 Metres As we approach the solar cycle minimum, the lower frequency bands become increasingly important for DXing. Many amateurs use wire antennas on the 40m band and below, typically the horizontally polarized dipole and its variants such as the inverted V, W3DZZ and G5RV.